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Longevity is a measurement of health not disease

Bimini Biometrics Inc. is an inclusive company that strives to improve human health and longevity. We believe that longevity is a lifelong journey that begins pre-birth and aging is a preventable disease that can be managed. By monitoring your health with our longevity health service you can prevent disease by ...

Healthcare is reactive, not preventative

When was the last time your "healthy" self visited the doctor? During most office visits, a doctor evaluates you when you have a health issue, but by then it is too late. The chronic condition is fully established and identifying the root cause is near impossible. Furthermore, the clinical tests (heartrate, ...

Longevity Health Services

Coming Soon to Select Wellness Centers & Naturopathic Clinics

Coming Soon to Select Wellness Centers & Naturopathic Clinics

Full Length Telomere Sequencing

Telomeres protect our chromosomes from damage and their length dictates our lifespan. Human cells with short telomeres become sesencent …
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Longevity Gene Monitoring

Our research scientists meticulously identified human longevity genes scientifically proven to extend the human lifespan. By monitoring …
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